PE “Roads of Serbia” among the best in competition for the “Quality Oscar”

Representatives of the Foundation for Quality Culture and Excellence checked and assessed integrated management systems of the PE “Roads of Serbia” on Friday, 16th October 2020, in regards to the Enterprise’s application for manifestation National Prize for Business Excellence – “Quality Oscar”.

Executive directors of the sectors and their associates have successfully presented business processes and results of the work undertaken according to nine defined criteria: Leadership, Strategy, Potential of the Organization, Processes and Technologies, Market and Users, Operating Results, Satisfaction of the Employees, Satisfaction of the Users and Social Responsibility.

The National Prize for Business Excellence – “Quality Oscar” is awarded to profit and non-profit organizations for exceptional results achieved in development and improvement of organizational and business excellence.

The award itself represents a strong motivational element on the path towards business excellence of the organizations and stimulation of development of overall conditions for business improvement. Neutral and independent prize is awarded for fulfilment of very demanding criteria after participation in the competition, exclusively based on the achieved results.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” participated three times in the Contest for the National Award for Business Excellence: in 2012, 2014 and 2017, and won awards in 3 fields: Partnership and Resources, Results achieved from Users’ Perspective and Strategy.

Winner’s declaration and awarding of prizes for the business excellence „Quality Oscar“ for 2020 will be held on 12th November at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.