Maja Pekevska appointed as member of IRF Board of Directors

Maja Pekevska, the Expert Associate for Technical Affairs and Foreign Correspondence at the PE “Roads of Serbia”, was appointed by the IRF (International Road federation) General Assembly at the annual conference, held on 20th April, 2021, as one of nine women selected as new members of the IRF Board of Directors.

PE “Roads of Serbia”, as a permanent member, has had a long standing successful and high-quality cooperation with the IRF regarding the development of road infrastructure. Maja Pekevska, as one of the expert representatives of our enterprise, will participate in the work of the Federation as a Foreign Affairs Associate.

The system of selecting women members has been conducted for the first time since the IRF was established and, in the future, each company or organisation represented in the Committee will have to appoint at least one female representative. The Federation is proud to point out that this is a courageous step towards the increase of gender diversity and greater representation of women in the road sector.  

Additional information is available at the IRF Internet presentation ( and on the following link: