01.04.21. Visit of Works on “Miloš Veliki" Motorway from Preljina to Požega

President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Mr.  Tomislav Momirović, Acting Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia“, Mr. Zoran Drobnjak, Acting Director of “Corridors of Serbia”, Mr. Aleksandar Antić and Ambassador of China to Serbia, Ms. Chen Bo, with the representatives of the Contractor – Chinese Company “China Communications Construction Company” and presidents of local self-governments visited today the works conducted on the section of “Miloš Veliki" motorway, from Preljina to Požega, in the tunnel “Laz".

President  Vučić announced, upon conversation with the Director General of the Chinese Company “CCCC", Mr. Zhang Xiaoyuan, that the completion of works on the motorway from Preljina to Požega might be expected “not later than January, or eventually in February next year” – deadline which is significantly shorter than the contracted one, namely  mid- 2023.  

“This is a great day for us. You have performed considerable work, since it was not easy at all. This is by far the most complicated section in the entire Serbia", said President Vučić.

Section Preljina – Požega is 31 kilometers long and demanding in construction terms, since the topography and geological conditions imply that the third of the road route is occupied by tunnels and bridges  - three tunnels, Laz, Munjino Brdo and Trbušani, each of them with two separated tunnel tubes with a total length of  11.8 kilometers and 35 bridges. The longest tunnel is “Laz" bored through the Jelica Mountain and it will be almost three kilometers long. “Today one may see 550 meters from one side and 150m meters from the other side. A total of 700 meters of this tunnel is bored, and it is only now apparent how demanding and hard this work is", President Vučić emphasized during his visit of the construction site.

Completion of works on this segment of the „Miloš Veliki" motorway “opens the gates of Western Serbia", and driving from Čačak to Požega will last about thirty minutes.

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Mr.  Tomislav Momirović, emphasized the importance of this section: „This is a part which connects Čačak with Požega, and later with the border with Montenegro on one side and towards Kotroman, i.e. section Užice - Kotroman with Bosnia and Herzegovina, with two for us very important countries both from economic exchange point of view and   from point of view of our people living in this region."

President Vučić said that soon, “in May, i.e. in month or month and a half”, the contract on works on construction of the last section of the motorway “Miloš Veliki”, from Požega to the settlement Boljare on the border with Montenegro, will be signed, as well as that there is a bidding procedure in progress regarding construction of the motorway Niš-Merdare.

„On December 1, eight motorways will be under construction. We are making real plans and programs which we manage to realize. Lives of people are the most important. Serbia will be crisscrossed with motorways and the contractors may finally come to less developed parts of our beautiful country", President concluded.

You can watch the video from the event at the following link: Visit of Works on `Miloš Veliki` Motorway from Preljina to Požega