ROADS OF SERBIA: II level of Winter Service alert in force

PE “Roads of Serbia” is informing that the II level of Winter Service alert is in force in the Republic of Serbia, and that, during the Winter Service 2020/2021, road maintenance is performed from 167 road road maintenance bases.

On the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia, road workers are in the field and on stand-by, ready to intervene so that traffic could flow safely.

Particular attention regarding the organization of winter maintenance of I and II category state roads is paid to: the bridge “Gazela”, the pass Bubanj Potok, the hill Begalјičko Brdo, the pass “Mečka“, Čestobrodica, Zlatibor, Popadija, Tresibaba, Svetinja, the peak Rušanj and Rudnik on the Ibar Highway, the passes on Fruška Gora (Iriški Venac, Banstol), the bridge Beška, the pass Jaram on the road Berzeće - Kopaonik etc.

We have at our disposal enough quantities of salt and crushed stone aggregate, and the cold patching asphalt mixture for the remedy of potholes as well.

PE “Roads of Serbia” is appealing to all traffic participants not to travel without the obligatory winter equipment, and to be especially cautious because of the bad weather conditions, obey the speed limits and adapt their speed to the road conditions.

You may find detailed information on the conditions, possible bans, rock slides, fog, ice and passes on critical sections on the Republic of Serbia state roads in real time, every day at 06:00 and 18:00, and in the case of emergency even more frequently, on the Internet presentation of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, on the link: