ROADS OF SERBIA: Ongoing Works on Construction of Bridge over River Sava at Sremska Rača

There are ongoing works on construction of the bridge over river Sava at Sremska Rača which constitutes a part of a future motorway Belgrade -Sarajevo, section from Sremska Rača to Kuzmina. 

Every day, there are 370 road workers and 162 various specialized machines working intensively on the construction site.

There are ongoing concrete works on construction of bridge substructure on the main and approach structures.

The total length of the bridge is 1310 m, while the longest span is 150 m. Cross-section is composed of two structures 14.75 m wide with mutual distance of 1.5 m which gives a total width of construction of 31 m. The bridge is funded on concrete piles, each of 25 pier positions has battery of piles 18-20 m long and 1200 mm or 1500 mm in diameter.

Up to now, 354 piles are made and 12 piers are constructed - 2 per 6 pier positions. Works are currently executed on one of two river piers.

Temporary embankment is completed, and concrete works on the platform for incremental launching of steel structure are in progress. Gantry crane for mounting processes has been assembled.

Approximately 45% of production of steel bridge structure has been performed in the factory. The first dispatch of bridge structure parts which are assembled in factory in Istanbul is expected to be delivered to construction site next week (attachment: photography). 

Upon completion of piles, ground beams and bridge piers, construction of the main bridge support which approach structures are made of concrete, and main structure of steel, will proceed. Afterwards, waterproofing and asphalt fabrication and bridge equipping will follow. The closed drainage system, electric power and electrocommunication installations will be also placed on the bridge.

The latest recording material of construction of bridge over Sava River at Sremska Rača with the announcement made by the competent supervisory authority is available at the following link: