On account of certain media and social network publications, the PE “Roads of Serbia” informs the public on the following:

On April 2, 2021, at 16:04, on I A Category state road No. 2, section Ljig - Takovo, in tunnel Brančić, in direction Belgrade - Čačak, traffic accident occurred, and it included two passenger vehicles which blocked both traffic lanes, thus entailing interruption of traffic running through the tunnel.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” took all the necessary safety measures in accordance with its competences.

In addition, the PE „Roads of Serbia“ forwarded to all relevant media the announcement on traffic accident, while the traffic participants were informed by the variable message signs to use the alternative road route - interchange Ljig.

Interruption of traffic running through the tunnel Brančić caused queuing vehicles before the tunnel itself, and several drivers who didn't want to wait for traffic regime normalization,  turned around on their own initiative and drove in the opposite direction, disregarding traffic signage and acting contrary to the provisions of the Law on Road Traffic Safety, jeopardizing not only their own safety but also safety of all the other traffic participants.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” is not responsible for enforcement of penal provisions relating to non-compliance with the Law on Road Traffic Safety.

The PE „Roads of Serbia“ once more appeals to all traffic participants to be patient, to obey placed traffic signage and respect the  Law on Road Traffic Safety.