Successful supervisory check of established Integrated Management Systems of PE „Roads of Serbia“

Another successful supervisory check of established Integrated Management Systems of the PE „Roads of Serbia“ was performed on 23 June 2020. 

This supervisory check conducted by the certified body StandCert comprised management, all sectors and departments of the Enterprise.

During the supervisory check, sectors’ representatives demonstrated a high level of commitment to the system through presentation of processes in practice, showcase of ongoing projects, follow-up of different indicators of process performances, definition of goals, risks and other elements of the system.

All presented achievements result from dedication, expertise and competence of the employees, as well as long-standing cooperation with the IMS representatives. After conducted check, supervisors expressed their impressions and observations at the closing meeting at which, in addition to other positive observations, it was highlighted that none of system non-compliances was detected.

General impression is that the Enterprise is dedicated to maintenance and continuous improvement of the system. The key notice is that the uniformity in defining of all the processes has been achieved, as well as that all the values of performance indicators have been realistically defined at all levels, which is not a common case in complex business systems such as the PE „Roads of Serbia“.

Outstanding observations, recommendations and praises related great commitment of top management of integrated management systems, agile reaction to imposed emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and all the challenges with which every sector of the Enterprise successfully dealt.