Instructions for using TAG device

When entering the lane for electronic toll collection, the vehicle should wait for the mechanical barrier to go down after the transaction is finished for the preceding vehicle.

When entering the lane for electronic toll collection, both on the entrance on the motorway and on the exit from the motorway, the device gives sound signals which inform the participant in traffic about the success of device registration, as well as about the amount of funds on the device (for the prepaid system):

  • If the sound signal is in the form of one beep, this means that the transaction is successful and that the vehicle can move on.
  • If the sound signal is in the form of two beeps, the transaction is successful, however insufficient funds for the next motorway passage (prepaid) are registered on the TAG device, thus it is recommended to recharge before using the motorway next time.
  • If the sound signal is in the form of four beeps, the vehicle must stop immediately, because it cannot use electronic toll collection for the following reasons: the device is “black-listed” and as such it is useless or the system registers the lack of funds for paying toll on the TAG device, in the prepaid system. If the vehicle disregards the four-beep sound warning and yet tries to leave the ETC lane, the mechanical barrier will not allow the passage and the vehicle can get damaged.
  • If there is no sound signal, the TAG device is not registered, the participant in traffic must stop the vehicle and ask for assistance of an authorized person. It is forbidden to go from one toll lane into another without the permission and assistance of the authorized person.

Each ETC lane has an electronic display on which participant in traffic can see the following information:

  • At entrance ETC lane: about vehicle category, vehicle license plates number and the amount of credit on the TAG device (prepaid system);
  • At exit ETC lane: about vehicle category, about amount of paid toll and the remaining amount on the TAG device (prepaid system);
  • Red light means that the vehicle cannot move on;
  • Green light means that the vehicle can move on..

Recording on the TAG device on the entrance station shall not be older than 24 hours compared to the exit station (expired entrance).

License plates number of the vehicle using the TAG device have to be positioned in the manner and on the place as set in the law. They must be recognizable, clean and readable.

One TAG device configured for 1 vehicle category can be used in several vehicles of the same category, while devices configured for 2., 3. and 4. vehicle categories are immovable and related to vehicle registration plate.

In case the toll is paid in cash or with payment cards, the user of the TAG device is obliged to put the device in the protective box so that the device could not be read.

ico-adobe - Instructions for Installation and Using TAG Device

Important note: 

In case the above Instructions are not observed, the following can occur: 

  • TAG device is not registered;
  • Illogical drawing of funds when effecting the payment;
  • Mechanical barrier goes down onto the vehicle and the vehicle gets damaged; 

PUBLIC ENTERPRISE “ROADS OF SERBIA” shall not bear responsibility for any of the above stated situations caused by not abiding by the Instructions.