Postpaid system

Purchase and configuration of TAG devices in postpaid system is available only for legal entities with headquarters on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Postpaid system enables the payment after passing, i.e. payment of bills for the previous month in the current one.

If a legal entity wishes to become a user of electronic toll collection in the postpaid system, it shall conclude the contract with the PE “Roads of Serbia” or with certain authorized distributers who perform this type of service (see section List of authorized distribution points of sale).

The conditions for concluding an Agreement on the payment of a special fee for the use of a public road in the Republic of Serbia using a TAG device in the postpaid system are defined in the Decision that you can download from the following link

 Decision on amending the Decision on the amount of a special fee for the use of a public road, its part and road facility

Request with accompanying documents shall be submitted to the following address: JP „Putevi Srbije“, Beograd, ul. Ustanička br. 64/5 sprat, titled - DOKUMENTACIJA ZA POSTPAID

Please contact the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Sector for Toll Collection, Department for Electronic Toll Collection, Division for Sale and Distribution of ETC.

Phone number: (011) 7857-178

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.