03.10.16. Works on I B Category State Road No. 22 and No. 31

Works are being executed under traffic.
Objective of performance of works on this 10.5 km long section is improvement of road condition which has deteriorated seriously, especially after great precipitation in May 2014. On the initial nodal point in Raška the existing three-way intersection is replaced by roundabout, the carriageway and structures are expended in their full length, the carriageway is extended in the length of 400m in crossing zone, and the third lane for freight vehicles is constructed.
Commencement date: 13 May 2015
Ongoing works: preparation of design documentation, extension of carriageway from 6.0m to 7.2m, improvement of pavement structure, development of road reserve, structures, reconstruction of bridge over Radošićka River and reconstruction of bridge over Rudnička River.
Rehabilitation works are being executed on road and pedestrian bridge comprising three spans 10,8+20,6+10,8=42,20m long.
Commencement date: 15 August 2015
Ongoing works: construction of temporary deviation, footing widening, expansion of pedestrian sidewalks, deck reinforcement by casting of new thickness of 15cm, matching of new finish grade with the finish grade on the remaining road segment in the length of 65-70m, and construction of new pavement structure.