EBRD Project of support to the PE "Roads of Serbia"

On November 06 and 10, 2008, seminar and workshop were organized on the premises of the PE “Roads of Serbia” by the Consulting Company IRD Engineering as part of the EBRD Project of support to the PE "Roads of Serbia". Representatives of the PE "Roads of Serbia" departments got a chance to hear lectures in reference to technical assistance in preparation of corporate plan.

Subject to the first workshop from November 06, 2008 was “Assistance in preparation of Corporate Plan” and it included discussion on goals of technical assistance, existing organization of the enterprise, legal, institutional and financial framework, as well as on further measures. Development programmes and strategies were defined through this discussion, as well as tasks to be completed by the PE “Roads of Serbia”, so to define preliminary form of the Corporate Plan, and then to enable further discussion about practical benefits brought by this system to the Enterprise.

The first seminar under the Project was organized on November 10, 2008 and subject of the seminar was System of Assistance to Decision Making. The relevant subject embraced software solutions for assistance to decision-making process in the Enterprise.

Continuation of the EBRD Project of support to the PE "Roads of Serbia" is scheduled for December, when the second workshop and seminar will be organized. Then, the seminar and workshop will include stakeholders such as relevant ministries, institutes, etc. in the Project.