Sector for Toll Collection

Sector for Toll Collection performs toll collection as well as toll collection supervision (video surveillance, analytics and control), transport and protection of money and facilities, administrative, technical and other tasks related to the activity of the sector.

The Sector for Toll Collection comprises the following departments:

  1. Department for Tolling Supervision
  2. Department for Operative Tolling
  3. Department for Electronic Toll Collection
  4. Department for Joint Affairs

Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia”, the Sector for Toll Collection, performs the collection of fees for the use of highway (tolls). As of 1st December 2019, toll collection is performed in the closed system on all sections.

Toll collection is performed on highways in the length of 829.872km in total. It is performed using an automatic technical toll collection system consisting of 66 toll stations.

The base for toll collection is the length of public road expressed in kilometres (km). The road toll price is determined based on three criteria: road toll price per kilometer, vehicle category and the distance travelled. Toll collection system is applied on the following highway sections:

The users can choose between manual toll payment (with taking a mandatory magnetic card) and electronic payment (using an ETC device).

Users of manual toll collection system are obligated to take a magnetic card when entering the toll collection system and hand the card, based on which the toll collection is performed, over to the toll booth operator at the exit toll station.

Users of electronic toll collection system, i.e. contactless payment model, use gates marked for that type of toll payment (ENP/ETC) and pay the toll using an ETC device, without stopping or taking a magnetic card.

A user who possesses an ETC device in his/her vehicle, and for some reason takes a magnetic card at the entry toll station and pays the toll using the ETC device, is obligated to hand the card over to the operator in charge at the exit toll station.

Manual toll collection users can choose the following methods of payment:

Electronic toll collection users use ETC devices as a payment method in:

The method of payment of special fee (toll) for the use of state roads (highways and semi-motorways) in the Republic of Serbia as well as the base for exemption from payment are regulated by the Law on Charges on Usage of Public Goods  (Official Gazette RS, no. 95/2018 and 49/2019).

If it is established that:

the longest route of the respective section will be calculated and charged on the spot, or through subsequent payment procedure, as well as the cost of the emergency procedure, in accordance with the Rulebook on paying special fee (toll) for state roads (highways and semi-motorways) usage in the Republic of Serbia (no.: 953-12443 dated 19.06.2017).

The method of electronic toll collection is stipulated by the Rulebook on electronic toll collection, special conditions and technical requirements for European ETC and interoperability elements (Official Gazette RS, no.71/19).

Map of Tool Stations