TAG Device Holders

The list of points of sale (with contact information) can be found here:

ico-adobe - Sale of Supports at Authorized Distributors’ Sales Points

User Service Center of the Sector for Toll Collection

USER SERVICE CENTER is established in order to provide timely, precise and clear information to users of toll motorways, and other participants as well, on current events, news and services provided by the Sector for Toll Collection.

Prepaid system

Purchase and configuration of TAG devices in the prepaid system is available both to physical and legal entities. Such a manner of electronic toll collection implies the advanced payment of funds, i.e. recharging of TAG devices on authorized distribution points of sale.

Postpaid system

Purchase and configuration of TAG devices in postpaid system is available only for legal entities with headquarters on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Postpaid system enables the payment after passing, i.e. payment of bills for the previous month in the current one.

Listing of Passages

Users of electronic toll collection can obtain the listings of passages for the vehicles with TAG devices. The listing contains the data for previous month, however if the user wants the listing for several months, the requests have to be submitted for each month individually. Processed requests are submitted to the users in electronic form from the 10th of the month for the previous month.

Authorized distributors - authorized distributors

TAG devices are sold and recharged in the prepaid system at the premises of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, Ustanička 64/5, Belgrade, Belgrade, Kralja Petra Prvog 28a, Novi Sad, Braće Stanić br. 45, Čačak, Bulevar 12.Februar 4.prilaz, Niš as well as at authorized distribution points of sale.

Instructions for installation of TAG device

The device will function properly only if it is positioned in the accompanying support. Depending on the windscreen angle, there are two types of supports. The support has to be affixed on the interior of the windscreen around the rear view mirror.

Instructions for using TAG device

When entering the lane for electronic toll collection, the vehicle should wait for the mechanical barrier to go down after the transaction is finished for the preceding vehicle.


PE “Roads of Serbia”, Sector for Toll Collection tries hard to react in a fast and efficient manner to all suggestions, remarks and complaints of the road users.

Mobile phone application

By using mobile phone application „Putevi Srbije“ you can in the simplest way plan your trip, get information on toll prices, weather conditions and other important information.