Mobile phone application

By using mobile phone application „Putevi Srbije“ you can in the simplest way plan your trip, get information on toll prices, weather conditions and other important information.

The application „Putevi Srbije“ is available for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets with android platform, and is completely free of charge.


Application “Roads of Serbia” is available in English and Serbian languages. 

Official mobile application of the PE “Roads of Serbia” is made in order to facilitate informing of users on conditions on I A Category state roads and provide all other information relevant to traffic participants. This application is free of charge.

The application contains the following options and functionalities:

• Interactive map – Display of markings of road conditions on the map and in a real time
• My Route – Identifies the user’s desired route and includes relevant information
• Toll price – by entering the distance and vehicle category a driver can obtain information on toll price
• Announcements – news and information provided by the PE “Roads of Serbia”, road works, as well as information on delays, i.e. passability on toll stations
• User Service – Information on User Center of the PE “Roads of Serbia” and contacts available
• ETC – Electronic Toll Collection – List of locations where drivers can buy and recharge TAG devices
• Services – Additional services the PE “Roads of Serbia” provides for users: electric chargers, free of charge WiFi in rest areas
• Service reminder – Represents vehicle’s service book and contains information on vehicle, reminders for service due date, oil change, cost records (fuel, servicing, etc.)
• Important phone numbers – Represents list of important phone numbers useful to traffic  participants whit the possibility of dialing via application
• Settings – for customization purposes, manual change of options on the application level is enabled (option of choosing application language, font size, default vehicle categories, and the like).

The PE “Roads of Serbia” will expand application functionality in order to make it even more useful to traffic participants.

N.B.: it is not possible to check status or recharge TAG device for Electronic Toll Collection via mobile application.