Ljubljana (Slovenia) - June 2018


ASECAP Steering Committee Session 2018/2, held on 6 June 2018 in Ljubljana, was marked by highlighted contribution of ASECAP in the field of European transport development.

A large number of goals have been achieved owing to the structure of ASECAP as a big transport association which, in condition of complex and changeable technical priorities of Intelligent Transport Systems, intensively cooperates with the European institutions and organizations. In addition, efficient ASECAP bodies and their cooperation with active member states, which collect and exchange data on regular basis, enables evaluation of efficacy in achievement of strategic interests and proposal for further priority activities.

Brussels (Belgium) - March 2018


At the ASECAP Steering Committee Session 2018/1, held on 20 March 2018 in Brussels, chaired by the president J. Nunez, ASECAP activities regarding fulfilment of goals adopted at the previous Session were acknowledged.

ASECAP has contributed to development of the European transport through cooperation with the European institutions and organizations in implementation of strategic plans by means of Intelligent Transport Systems.

Paris (France) - May 2017


ASECAP STEERING COMMITTEE, II session in Paris (France) in May 2017. 

The priority activities of the European transport development were discussed at the session. ASECAP interest areas, such as the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS), development of concession programs, greater investments in European road infrastructure, focusing on concrete activities relating traffic safety, as well as identification of ASECAP development policy in complex and rapidly changing ITS technical priorities, were presented.

Lisbon (Portugal) - November 2016


The third session 2016/3 of ASECAP Steering Committee, held on 14 November 2016 in Lisbon, was marked by consideration and evaluation of situation in EU transport. 

The attention was paid to transport decarbonisation which anticipates role of motorways, planning and infrastructural financing in EU to be the elements of growth and safe and green mobility as well. Therefore, the activities of ASECAP and its members are necessitated to promote on all levels the message that roads are the key element of political, social and economic green growth in all EU countries.