Paris (France) - May 2017


The second session 2017/2 ASECAP of the ASECAP Steering Committee took place in Paris on 29th May 2017.

The priority activities of the European transport development were discussed at the session. ASECAP interest areas, such as the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS), development of concession programs, greater investments in European road infrastructure, focusing on concrete activities relating traffic safety, as well as identification of ASECAP development policy in complex and rapidly changing ITS technical priorities, were presented.

The EETS revision and Eurovignette were emphasized as key activities of ASECAP COPER I.

COPER II focused on following up the implementation of Directive 2004/54/EC on road tunnels’ safety and Directives 2008/96/EC on road infrastructure safety management in ASECAP members. The participation of ASECAP in ECOROADS project was considered as well. Considering the fact that the EU is directed towards revision of two abovementioned safety directives, involvement of ASECAP in road safety initiatives supported or coordinated by EU institutions could compromise ASECAP safety priorities. However, it is emphasized that the presence and support of ASECAP are significant and that it is important that ASECAP expresses its goals, instead of letting others to talk on behalf of the absent ASECAP infrastructure managers.

COPER III covered the final document on platooning. It was concluded that ASECAP expects from its members to give their consent to this document.
Participation of ASECAP in C-ROADs project was considered as well, provided that the exact ASECAP role therein is dully identified.

When it comes to database and statistics, it was mentioned that the main objective of ASECAP COPER IV was the analysis of the transport statistics for the purposes of benchmarking activities and exchange of the best practices between the members, as well as creation of a useful tool for the ASECAP communications with the EU institutions and the key stakeholders. Existence of database is essential because it can serve for comparison and credibility.

Consistent figures are necessary to feed position papers. As soon as annual data of ASECAP members are collected, the formation of harmonized ASECAP database will commence.

Mr. Nunez was elected new ASECAP president at the Session instead of Mr. J. Braga.