Request Submission Instructions

Instructions for Submission of Request Forms

Pursuant to Article 14 of the Law on Public Roads, authorities shall be delegated to the public road manager to issue:

  • approval for the construction and/or rehabilitation of an access junction to a public road,
  • approval for the construction and/or placement of water mains, sewers, heating systems, railway lines and other similar structures, as well as telecommunication and electrical lines, installations, facilities and the like on a public road and in the protection zone of a public road,
  • approval for the modification of traffic areas within the service facilities along a public road,
  • approval for the organization and performance of sporting and other events on a public road,
  • special permit for special transport on a public road, (manual)
  • permit for the erection of  advertising boards and billboards, devices for image and sound announcement or advertising on a public road and/or along it. (manual)

The requests for the above mentioned approvals and permits shall be submitted to the following address:

PE “Roads of Serbia”
Sector for Maintenance of Public Roads of I and II category
Department for Technical Operations of Maintenance and Preservation
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 282, 11 000 Belgrade

PE "Roads of Serbia"

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 282
PO Box 17, 11050 Belgrade 22, Serbia
pak 149602