Department for Strategic Planning, Studies and Development

Department for Strategic Planning, Studies and Development

Core Network, 1627km of roads (217kb)

A starting point for activities of Department for Strategic Planning, Studies and Development are:
ico-adobe - South East Europe 2020
ico-adobe - European Transport Policy for 2010
ico-adobe - European Transport Policy for 2010 - 2020 - 2050.
ico-adobe - Annex I
ico-adobe - Strategy of Railway, Road, Inland Waterway, Air and Intermodal Transport Development in the Republic of Serbia from 2008 to 2015
ico-adobe - Strategija bezbednosti saobraćaja 2015-2020. godine.

Department for Strategic Planning, Studies and Development took active participation in the project “Institutional Capacity Building in Transport Sector”. The Project was implemented in the Ministry of Infrastructure through 18 topical reports which provided the basis for future reforms in the transport sector, which was financed by the European Agency for Reconstruction. One of the main results was the production of Draft National Strategy and Policy for Transport Sector Development until 2015, which was later modified, harmonized and adopted as: Strategy of Railway, Road, Inland Waterway, Air and Intermodal Transport Development in the Republic of Serbia from 2008 to 2015.

European Council granted the status of candidate country to Serbia on March 1, 2012, based on the Committee opinion on Serbia’s application for membership adopted on October 12, 2011. The Council concluded on December 5, 2011 that European Council would consider opening of accession negotiations in accordance with common practice when the European Commission assesses that Serbia achieved the required degree of harmonization with the membership criteria.

Since the Republic of Serbia presently holds the status of candidate country for full EU membership, from the moment of its establishment, the Department started active involvement in the process of strengthening institutional capacities for the support of all activities related with the process of joining the European Union.

Among other things, in the past year, Serbia worked on creating the preconditions for accessing Pre-Accession Funds of the European Union (Program on the level of Serbia was made for pre-accession assistance to Serbia in the period 2007- 2013). The Department is active in all work groups in relevant ministries involved with this topic, government agencies, chambers of commerce, etc.

In the previous period, the Department established cooperation with the Office for Development of the Republic in terms of making the methodology for measuring the state of development of municipalities, support to the making of Draft Strategy of Sustainable Development of the Republic of Serbia, Draft Construction Strategy.

The Department was involved in the project of the Government of the Republic of Serbia “Towards more efficient implementation of reforms” oriented towards the essential capacity building of bodies and organizations in state administration, via relevant ministries for the process of planning and plan budgeting through the production of strategically target oriented Annual Operating Plans of the Ministry, for the purpose of improving the allocation of budget funds and better use of international assistance and monitoring the realization of planned and proposed Projects.


The Department supports the implementation of projects financed by International Financial Institutions and European Funds.

The Department keeps track of all new Directives, technical regulations, standards, laws directly related to the process of producing technical documents, as well as all ongoing initiatives connected with the process of harmonization of technical regulations, standards and joining the EU.

The Department actively monitors all changes related with:

  • road administration, presentation of possible development of the organization, work principles and administrative procedures;
  • road financing, presentation of alternative approaches for road financing;
  • strategic analyses and long-term planning for the preservation and development of the road network.

It takes part in making and monitoring of the realization from technical aspect of Annual Plan of the PE “Roads of Serbia”.

For the purpose of reviewing and analysis of the regional transport on the West Balkans, the European Union ordered and financed Regional Balkans Infrastructure Study (REBIS) which was finished in 2003. Its focus was the development of the regional multimodal SEETO-Main Network /now called SEETO-Comprehensive Network/. Development of the Main Network proposed at that point in time required stronger regional cooperation, therefore joint Steering Committee was established as well as the Secretariat for the observation of the development of the Main Network. All data on the road network submitted by the Republic of Serbia were prepared by PERS departments. In the perspective which is opening within the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T by the EU, 2012 SEETO-Comprehensive Network will transform hopefully in near future into the part of south-east axle.

Department for Strategic Planning, Studies and Development takes active participation in the implementation of the “Memorandum of Understanding” which is foreseen in the Action Plan for the realization of priorities and European partnership (adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia by the end of 2004). The "Memorandum of Understanding" foresees the establishment of South-East Europe Transport Observatory, with which permanent cooperation is established.

Since the need is recognized for adequate analyses of the data collected so far, which significantly varied among different regional countries as well as among the means of transport, in 2013 updating of Regional Balkans Infrastructure Study (REBIS) started, potentially in the perspective of joining /signing the Transport Agreement with the EU and negotiations concerning the inclusion in TEN-T. PERS actively participates in the Work Group supporting this important project. The Study will provide further investment guidelines, confirm the remaining investment decisions which are not relevant yet, consider multimodal transport in order to ensure the links with the sea/river ports and airports, as well as the links outside the immediate region of the Western Balkan based on trading trends by focusing on non-physical barriers, border crossings located on the main roads of the SEETO-Comprehensive Network, taking into consideration activities which were not performed as a part of the Central European Free Trade Agreement /CEFTA/.

In accordance with all relevant transport Strategic documents, PERS applied for the funding from pre-accession funds through the line ministry supporting the development of the SEETO-Comprehensive Network. In PPF-4 program it presently works on the implementation of the approved project for Preparing General Design with Pre Feasibility Study of Route 7 /E80/ SEETO-Comprehensive Network, direction Niš-Priština.

More efficient management of public funds in the conditions of global economic crisis implies better use of the funds allocated for roads management, which is a necessary precondition for Serbia to meet the objectives defined in the South East Europe 2020 Strategy, adopted on November 21, 2013, in the third support – Sustainable Development, where transport development is one of the main frameworks for development. Implementation of the South East Europe 2020 Strategy, which follows the European 2020 Strategy in its main theses, will be monitored by the Regional Cooperation Council, and it will be realized through South-East Europe Transport Observatory with which permanent cooperation is established.

The Department actively participated in the implementation of the three-year Twinning Agreement with the Swedish Road Administration. This Agreement included consulting services and trainings related with: implementation of routine maintenance works (Support to the World Bank loan which included the introduction of contracting the works based on the level of service quality in one segment), traffic safety improvement, system solution for environmental protection issues in the road corridor and upgrade of road network planning and management. It resulted with the following adopted Policies of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, which can be downloaded by clicking on the desired document. The Department also initiated and takes active part in intersectoral project - National infrastructure of geospatial data in the Republic of Serbia – road network.

ico-adobe - Manual Cost Benefit Analysis
ico-adobe - HEATCO-Developing Harmonized European Approach for Transport Costing and Project Assessment
ico-adobe - Guide for Cost –Benefit Analysis on Investments Project - Structural Fund, Cohesion Fund and Instrument for Pre-Accession –European Commission –Directorate General for Regional Policy- Guide for Cost Benefit Analysis used for investment projects, prepared by the European Commission Directorate-General for Regional Policy

ico-adobe - National infrastructure of geospatial data in the Republic of Serbia – road network
ico-adobe - Strategy for establishing infrastructure of spatial data in Serbia – Draft

PE "Roads of Serbia"

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