Frequently asked questions and answers

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is ETC (electronic toll collection)?
Electronic toll collection is a modern model of contactless payment of toll by using TAG devices for adequate vehicle category.
All information on electronic toll collection – ETC are available in section Electronic toll collection-ETS or can be obtained by contacting our User Service Center.

What is TAG device?

TAG (Transfer Automatic Gadget) device is an electronic device for toll payment, and TAG owner can be any legal or natural person which by paying an adequate compensation enters into contract with the PE “Roads of Serbia”. By using a TAG device, the automatic transaction between this electronic device and communication system with antenna installed next to the entrance and exit traffic lane is enabled. The system of electronic toll collection facilitates movement in toll station zone, without stopping.
TAG devices are available in:
PREPAID system, in which users pay in advance the amount of TAG recharge for paying the toll, and 
POSTPAID system, only for national legal persons, in which users pay toll in the upcoming month for the passages with TAG made in the previous month.
All information on electronic toll collection – ETC are available in section Electronic toll collection-ETS and on price of TAG device on the page Prepaid system.

What is necessary for purchasing TAG device in prepaid system?
Application process for legal and natural persons is available on the page Prepaid system.
TAG devices could be purchased at authorized distributors.

What is necessary for purchasing TAG device in postpaid system?
All information on purchasing and configuring TAG device in postpaid system is available on the page Postpaid system.

How to use TAG device?

All information on using and installing TAG device is available on the pages Instruction for installation TAG device and Instructions for using TAG device.

Could TAG devices be moved and used in other vehicles?
Only TAG devices configured for category I (passenger vehicles) can be used in any passenger vehicle regardless of ownership or license plates. For all other categories TAG device is immovable.

Are there any discounts available when purchasing and recharging TAG device?

When purchasing TAG device please visit the page Prepaid system for available discounts.

Whom should I address complaint about improperly drawn funds from TAG device?

In case of complaint about improper amount of drawn funds from the TAG device, the user has to submit the complaint in adequate form available at toll station and online web presentation of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, on the page Complaints.
For all additional information please contact User Service Center.

What are the toll prices in the Republic of Serbia?

Toll price list for the territory of the Republic of Serbia is available and can be downloaded from the PE “Roads of Serbia” website, on the page Vehicle categorization/Toll price list.
We recommend application for mobile phones, which in addition to other important information enables easy and precise calculation of toll price for specific road section. Application of the PE “Roads of Serbia” is completely free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. More information on application is available on the page Android mobile application.
Toll can be paid in cash in dinars and euros, and with cash payment cards (MasterCard and Maestro, Visa, American Express, Diners, as well as domestic DinaCard). The possibility of paying toll with payment cards is available to users of all payment cards, regardless of the fact whether they are issued by domestic or foreign banks.

What happens when the card is lost?

In case a traffic participant loses, damage or for another reason reaches a toll station without valid magnetic card, regulation requires users to be charged the toll amount for the longest distance of the section the user is driving on, regardless of where the user entered the motorway, including costs of extraordinary procedure.

Who is entitled to free toll?

Persons with disabilities holding a Permit for exemption from toll payment issued by the PE “Roads of Serbia” are entitled to free toll. Procedure for obtaining permit and necessary documentation can be found on the page Toll-free motorway permits.
Right to free pass is also given to organizations participating in humanitarian actions. The free pass is issued by the PE “Roads of Serbia”, and for more detailed information please visit the page Humanitarian actions.

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