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Role of PE "Roads of Serbia"

Roads are goods for general usage and they are state property.

There are 16.710,47 km of public roads of I and II category in Serbia and their value is estimated at EUR 4,2 billion.

Road network is one of the biggest capital values in Serbia and road transport is the main form of transport, namely about 90% of passengers are transported on roads.

Pursuant to the Law on Public Roads (The Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 101-05), Public Enterprise "Roads of Serbia" is established for managing state roads.

PE "Roads of Serbia" is in charge of maintaining, protecting, exploitation, development and management of state roads of I and II category in the Republic of Serbia.

Along with the protection and exploitation of roads, PE "Roads of Serbia" organizes and performs professional operations for constructing, reconstructing and traffic management on state roads in the Republic of Serbia.

Financing of construction and reconstruction, maintenance and protection of public roads is provided from:

  • Fee for using state road - toll
  • Financial loans
  • Budget of the Republic of Serbia
  • Other sources pursuant to the Law

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