Educational Campaign of PE “Roads of Serbia” for Traffic Safety “3 Seconds, a Whole Life“

The video “3 Seconds, a Whole Life“ on safe distance between vehicles had its premiere on 12th March, 2020, at the toll station “Beograd“, in the presence of the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlović, PhD, the Acting Director Zoran Drobnjak, associates and experts for traffic safety.

PE “Roads of Serbia“ has initiated and prepared the first in the series of educational campaigns for raising awareness of drivers and increase of traffic safety – “3 Seconds, a Whole Life”, which began by the premiere screening of the educational video and demonstration of safe distance for all categories of vehicles at the toll station “Beograd” in mid-March.

By promoting the educational campaign “3 Seconds, a Whole Life”, the PE “Roads of Serbia”, as a socially responsible enterprise, wishes to improve traffic safety, guided by the postulation that road accidents may be prevented.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” allocates significant funds for increasing traffic safety and shall continue to act systematically regarding the raising of traffic participants’ awareness through cooperation with the line ministry and the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Internal Affairs“, said the Acting Director Zoran Drobnjak. “We are working so that as few people as possible get killed in traffic. We want to emphasize the importance of keeping distance, especially in case of fog, slippery roads and bad weather conditions“, Drobnjak explained.

Did you know?

  • More than 500 road fatalities a year;
  • More than 150 fatalities on motorways in three years;
  • More than 50% of traffic accidents are a consequence of abrupt braking and rear-end collisions;
  • Every fourth accident with fatalities happens due to insufficient distance between vehicles;


The video “3 Seconds, a Whole Life” depicts a safe distance between vehicles at the speed of 90 km/h:

  • a car should keep at least three seconds of distance,
  • SUV vehicles (jeeps) four seconds
  • heavy vehicles and buses at least five or six seconds.

Familiar TV personalities and traffic safety experts participated in the video, such as Biljana Vraneš, editor and presenter at RTS, Vladimir Jelić, RTS presenter, Srđan Predojević, presenter at TV Prva, Slobodan Šarenac, journalist and prof. Milan Vujanić, PhD, traffic safety expert.

“Three seconds are enough for a driver to endanger his life and the life of his dearest, but also lives of other traffic participants. Drivers saying it cannot happen to them are the most dangerous ones“, said the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlović, PhD, adding that the Ministry she runs pays a lot of attention to traffic safety and to the construction of better and safer road as well. “Good roads reduce the possibility of traffic accidents and the goal is zero tolerance to road fatalities”, Mihajlović pointed out.

Responsible behaviour in traffic, except for keeping a safe distance between vehicles, implies reduced speed of vehicles, active comprehension of traffic flow conditions and not putting other drivers in danger.

The PE “Roads of Serbia” has, as part of the Campaign, prepared a radio spot as well, messages for variable message signs along the motorways, posts for social networks, informative flyers, posters and stickers with the educational campaign visual in Serbian and English for toll station booths.