Information Center

Information Center, within the Sector for Traffic Management Information Systems, is a department operating 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The Department responds to users’ requests through several open channels and it is in charge of informing the public on the following:

  • roadworks,
  • sudden situations on the state road network, closures and resumptions of traffic,
  • conditions on road structures,
  • situations during winter maintenance of state roads,
  • vehicle queuing at toll stations on motorways and other information.

Information Center receives the data from the I and II category state roads in the Republic of Serbia, which is processed in the department, and then the information is distributed to the competent state and city institutions and to the media.

The following information is distributed electronically from the Information Center:

  • public announcements
  • service information
  • appeals in sudden situations and
  • winter service reports in the periods of winter maintenance of state road.

The information is electronically distributed to the Republic of Serbia’s Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, AMAS, the media in the Republic of Serbia and other subjects at their requests. All distributed information from the Information Center is entered onto the platforms used by the department for informing the public.  

The website of the Enterprise features the Information Center section on its front page, as well as the rubric Winter Service, active during the period of winter maintenance of state roads, for whose updating the Winter Service Headquarters is in charge. By clicking on the link Queuing at Toll Stations, a separate page opens, updated by the Information Center employees.

Also, when clicking on the front page links: Service Information, Conditions on State Roads or Map of State Roads, separate pages open, administered by the Information Center.  

The mentioned page also contains the information on the conditions on state roads, daily updated by the Information Center, in the rubrics Service Information, News, Conditions on State Roads and Map of State Roads, as displayed below:

Department activities during winter maintenance

Information Center is an active participant in the winter maintenance of the I and II category state roads, during which the public is informed on the conditions and passability of state roads. In this period, the Information Center is in contact with the Winter Service Headquarters, supervisors, external and internal subjects and users of the I and II category state roads on a daily basis. The Information Center also distributes winter service reports during the winter maintenance period, twice a day in regular situations, while in emergency situations the reports are distributed several times during the day, depending on the conditions on state roads.

Informing users on request

Users may submit requests through:

Calling the toll-free Information Center telephone number
0800 100 104

Submitting requests at the Department’s e-mail address
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Filling online forms on the webpage of the Enterprise at the address

Using official accounts of the Enterprise on social networks

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Toll-free phone number for users

An important information channel of the Information Center is the toll-free phone number - 0800 100 104, where users can be informed on the conditions on state roads 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Also, by calling the mentioned number and pressing the special push button number 4, users can leave their requests using voice messages, which are automatically submitted to the Department, after which the callers receive a reply from the Information Center operators.

Replies to users’ requests submitted at Department’s e-mail address and at webpage

Users of state roads submit their requests to the Information Center at the Department’s e-mail address and also by filling the contact forms at the Internet presentation, which is automatically sent to the Department for further processing.

Informing public using social networks

Information Center is the administrator of the official PE “Roads of Serbia” accounts on social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The employees inform the public on the condition of state roads using this information channel as well, continuously, 24 hours a day. Also, the Information Center replies to users’ requests submitted at the official accounts of the Enterprise on the following social networks.

Links to the official accounts of the Enterprise:


Visit the Information Center section on the front page and get the information on the state road conditions.