Department for Technical Preparation

Department is actively involved in preparation of part of Contract documents – Bill of Quantities for road section with supporting facilities, bridges, tunnels, landslides remedy, etc. all based on the design documents.

Based on the Supervisor’s request, it determines prices for additional works and dayworks, performs revision of price analysis for additional works for project financed by personal funds and international credits, complying strictly with the provisions of the contract documents.

Department permanently overlooks modification of prices in the market and determines their effect on increase of prices included in Pricelist.

It also overlooks data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia and calculates price differences for works with price modification contracted.

It prepares and revises BoQs for works completed under amendment of original contracts for construction and modernization of roads, including accepted prices for additional works and dayworks. 

Department is engaged on activities of preparation of Works Pricelist for: routine road maintenance, routine motorway maintenance, winter road maintenance. It also prepares Pricelists for construction and modernization of roads.