Quality Department

The Quality Department is engaged in the activities of control and maintenance of the quality of works and follows up the implementation of projects defined in the annual business plan of the PE Roads of Serbia with a clear objective that all planned works are carried out by the requirements defined by technical standards, norms, technical specifications, and FIDIC contract conditions.

The Quality Department performs the following activities:

  • technical inspection of the road as a precondition for obtaining the exploitation permit
  • engineering within the project and supervision of works, as well as reviewing the technical documents
  • monitoring the contract realization within the competence of the Employer.
  • control and confirmation of the contractual documents: granted guarantees, work programs, control plan and quality maintenance, and dynamic execution plans;
  • giving the Contractor possession of the site and commencement of works - issuing the permit to commence the works; preparation and coordination for issuance of building permits and notice of commencement of works
  • quality control: compliance for approval of material usage, establishing procedures for quality control, acceptance of materials on the construction site (stone aggregate, cement, additives, concrete, concrete reinforcing steel, construction of crushed stone embankments, establishment of temporary roads, resolution of issues on the site regarding environmental protection, impact on the population in the zone of the protection route and relocation of the local infrastructure, and the like);
  • review, comments, and approval of the Execution Designs for every Section of the works
  • review and certification of financial documents according to the Commercial Agreement, Master Construction Book, and Interim Payment Certificate  
  • cooperation with republic services: road inspectors

Planned control tests are defined by the internal plan of the Quality Department and extraordinary checks in all cases when supervisors or the Contractor's representatives request an inspection of the quality of works, both during the execution phase and in the warranty period.

Control tests are carried out in cooperation with the Laboratory for road structures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Belgrade which has the most modern equipment in the country.

Joint teamwork with the Faculty's personnel and the experience and expertise of the quality engineers employed in the Quality Department ensures confidence in obtained test results based on which the efficient control of the Contractor's performances and their laboratories is being performed.