International activities

Within its international activities, PE "Roads of Serbia" cooperates with European and world associations, authorities and road institutes.

PE "Roads of Serbia" is a full member of ASECAP, ERF and IRF.

Within its international activities, PE "Roads of Serbia" cooperates with European and world associations, authorities and road institutes.

PE "Roads of Serbia" is a full member of ASECAP, ERF and IRF.


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International Road Federation (IRF) is non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with mission to promote and innovate road infrastructure development.

The programs of the IRF Centres in Brussels and Geneva are focused on Europe as a part of IRF international programs, meaning the creation of platform for roads including public and private sector for purposes of integration with other initiatives of regional cooperation.

By organizing the Congresses for Southeastern Europe (so far four Congresses for Southeastern Europe have been held - the Third Congress was held in Belgrade organized by the PE “Roads of Serbia”, September 2002), the IRF sets as its goal promotion of cooperation between states and governments of Southeastern Europe, which is of vital interest for the region.

In a very close cooperation with main initiatives for reconstruction of Southeastern Europe, IRF aims at focusing development on better roads and road network as an urgent need for economic growth of the Southeastern European countries.

The PE «Roads of Serbia» is a permanent member of the IRF.
The result of a solid cooperation with the IRF was the visit of IRF Director General Mr. Anthony Pearce in March 2007.
The conclusion following the discussions is continuation of cooperation and active participation of the PE «Roads of Serbia» in activities of this association.

ImageIn this light, our delegation participated actively in the joint First Conference on Black Sea Ring Highway and the Fourth Conference on Silk Road in Istanbul in the period from 14th to 16th May 2007.

The Conference in Istanbul was held in a moment when Turkey gained chairmanship-in-office of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), and when the world expresses its increased interest in Black Sea region.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the International Road Federation (IRF) and the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) with the purpose of promoting the Black Sea Ring Highway which was signed in November 2005 in Antalya was a basis for this joint conference.

The special contribution of this Conference is a regional development, i.e. connection between the Central Asia region and Black Sea region, as evidenced by the Declaration adopted at that Conference.

Black Sea Ring Highway is for our country a natural extension of branch Xc (E – 80), Niš – Sofija, which constitutes a part of Trans European North - South Motorway, because it connects countries of Western and Central Europe with countries of Black Sea basin, Russia and countries of Western Balkans, thus covering political and economic area from the Adriatic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.
By construction of the branch Xc and completion of motorway from Burgas via Sofia to the border with the Republic of Serbia the connection with the Black Sea Ring and countries of Black Sea region are being made.


The European Road Federation is a non-profit association which coordinates different approaches relevant to the European road sector.
The European Road Federation operates on the platform of dialogue within the European Union, taking into consideration the main input information relevant to mobility and promotion of leading research for a quality road infrastructure.
The mission of the European Road Federation is mobility and sustainability of European roads.
The Public Enterprise "Roads of Serbia" is a standing member of the European Road Federation.
The European Road Federation and the Chamber of Commerce for South-East Europe, under the auspices of the Ministry of Capital Investments of Serbia, and with the participation of the Public Enterprise "Roads of Serbia", organized in November 2005 the Regional Conference titled "Building Tomorrow s Transport Infrastructure in SE Europe".

The principle objective of the Regional Conference was to assist South-East Europe in achieving a safe, efficient and sustainable transport system.


The International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) is the worldwide association representing toll operators and related industries which provides forum for sharing knowledge and ideas in order to promote and improve transport services financed through toll collection.

Founded in 1932, the IBTTA is the only association representing the worldwide industry of toll collection.

IBTTA priority is to help its members to keep up with the trends which consider the emergence of toll collection industry as one of the vital forces for financing the motorways and operations worldwide. Financial summits, meetings, exhibitions and workshops are available throughout a year.

IBTTA consists of 280 members from 25 countries located on six continents. In addition to the USA, there is a significant number of representatives of the European toll collection operators in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, as well as Austria, South Africa, Japan and Brazil. IBTTA members are leaders in technological innovations and are familiar with the concepts in which technology reshapes financing of roads, organizational structures and provision of services.

IBTTA is financed primarily from membership fees, fees for participation on meetings, exhibitions and sponsorships.

Holandsko-srpski poslovni savet

Dutch-Serbian Business Council represents the platform for public-private partnership of two countries concerning infrastructure and environmental protection, within which a series of working visits to Serbia and Netherland was organized during 2009. The main objectives of the Council are realization of long-term plans and projects implemented by Dutch companies within the modernization of Serbian infrastructure and environmental protection, involvement of Dutch companies in Serbian development process, i.e. introduction of the latest achievements in specified fields to our experts through permanent cooperation.

The experts of the Public Enterprise «Roads of Serbia», which carries out key activities concerning Serbian road infrastructure, have actively participated in a working group of the Dutch-Serbian Business Council.