ASECAP (Association Europeenne des Concessionnaires d’Autoroutes et d’Ouvrages a’ Peage) is the European Association of Motorway Concessionaries, established by national associations, companies and other bodies responsible for the financing, construction, maintenance and operation of roads infrastructure, where the revenues of such companies are generated in part or in full through collection of fees from end road users.
Some of the issues and activities in which ASECAP is active include the European network of motorways in the future integrated Europe, electronic toll collection, provision of additional services aimed at increasing traffic safety and environment protection on European roads, modern motorways and environment protection, management of motorways by use of modern telematic systems, activities aimed at increasing traffic safety on motorways, national approaches in calculating the levels of toll fees, recommendations for electronic toll collection and future systems of collection.
ASECAP pays special attention to the financing of road infrastructure and especially to concession arrangements which certainly represent the most widely used form of enlarging the existing road network in EU countries today.
Concession arrangements are accompanied by relevant toll collection strategy and policy, with the main objective to provide the interoperability of toll collection systems.