Department for Occupational Safety and Health, Fire Protection and Rescue at Work

Department for Safety, Health, Fire Protection and Rescue at Work

The safety, health, fire protection and rescue at work affairs are carried out within the Department for Safety, Health, Fire Protection and Rescue at Work at the Sector for Traffic Management Information System.

The objective of the Department for Safety, Health, Fire Protection and Rescue at Work is to determine and execute preventive activities related to the application of modern technical, ergonomic, health, educational, social and organizational measures and resources for removal and/or reduction of risks from injuries for the employees.  

Department for Safety, Health, Fire Protection and Rescue at Work conducts the following activities within its competence:

  • training the employees for safe and healthy work and fire protection, with the aim of introducing all employees with the dangers and harmful impacts leading to injuries at work, protective measures, use of resources and equipment for personal protection of employees and fire extinguishing equipment as well, procedures in case of injury at work or in case of a fire, and also with the responsibilites resulting from non-compliance with the prescribed protection measures; 
  • training the employees for giving first aid and procurement of necessary equipment for its realization;
  • organizing previous and periodic medical exams of employees (for security officials, professional drivers, sanitary exams and specific ophtalmological exams for employees working with equipment involving working with screens longer than 4 hours every day);
  • provides collective combined insurance for employees (accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and insurance for surgical interventions which may lead to some degree of disability)
  • introduces the employees with voluntary health insurance (preventive physical examinations and additional indicated exams);
  • monitors the conditions regarding injuries at work;
  • conducts measures for prevention and suppression of the infectious disease COVID-19;
  • produces and installs labels (obligations, bans and warnings) as information for potential risks;
  • organizes regular and sporadic servicing of fire extinguishers and devices for fire protection;
  • conducts preventive and periodic testing of working environment and equipment conditions;
  • controls and gives advice to the employer regarding the planning, selection, use and maintenance of resources and equipment for personal safety at work for job positions where it was estimated as necessary in all locations and at all business premises of the enterprise;
  • conducts tests of fittings at the enterprise premises (lightning rods, electrical low voltage and gas installations);
  • regularly updates legal records with the data resulting from the Department’s work process;
  • develops Rulebooks and Instructions in accordance within its competence;
  • contributes to improved safety and health at work, while obeying the necessary regulations and procedures for safe work in working places, not just in office spaces but in all locations where the PERS employees perform their working processes.

The work of the Department is based on laws and bylaws regulating this area, and also on the standard ISO 45001:2018, for which it is both a basic and a professional bearer within the Integrated Management Systems.

The commitment to this work contributes to raising awareness of all employees regarding the significance of safety and health at work.