ITS Department

ITS Department, (Department for Intelligent Transportation Systems) is in charge of the development and implementation of ITS on the state roads in the Republic of Serbia, monitoring of the operation of the installed control systems as well as traffic management and user supervision on infrastructural projects.

Development and implementation of ITS also includes the system for warning the participants in traffic, system for video detection, system for automatic detection of incidents, road weather information system and other ITS systems.

Monitoring of the operation of the control system and traffic management is performed in the Command Operational Centers Petlovo brdo, Šarani and Dimitrovgrad. In the COC Petlovo brdo traffic is controlled and managed on the section DP A1 Belgrade Bypass (tunnels Stara Straževica, Straževica, Lipak and Železnik). COC Šarani is in charge of traffic control and management on DP A2 Ljig-Preljina (tunnels Veliki Kik, Brđani, Šarani and Savinac, interchange Takovo, interchange Preljina). COC Dimitrovgrad is in charge of traffic control and management on DP A4 Dimitrovgrad Bypass – border crossing Gradina/Bulgaria (tunnels Pržojna Padina and Progon).

Employees at the ITS Department perform user supervision and provide technical support to infrastructural projects which include ITS systems by controlling technical documents, testing and monitoring of the work of the implemented systems pursuant to the Laws, Directives, Standards and other legal enactments from the relevant areas.