Department for ITS Development and Implementation

An Intelligent Transport System (ITS) represents a set of measures and technologies applied in the transport system which integrates information and telecommunication technologies to increase the level of safety, efficiency, availability and sustainability of the transport network.

Intelligent transport systems have a great potential for improving the efficiency of the transport system, and also for reducing adverse effects of traffic.  For that reason, one of the PE “Roads of Serbia” ’s strategic goals is development and implementation of ITS on the Republic of Serbia state roads, especially on the sections extending along the international corridors’ routes.

Department for ITS Development and Implementation, within the Sector for Traffic Management and Information Systems conducts the following activities within its competence:

  • development of plans for development, organization and management of traffic and development of ITS in accordance with the Republic of Serbia strategic documents and the EU directives for the subject area.
  • development of plans for ITS equipment development and monitoring of its implementation.
  • supervision and management of the installed ITS systems and equipment
  • providing support to the competent winter maintenance services on the segment of the state road network equipped with weather stations (RWIS)
  • providing support to the performance based contract concept (PBMC);
  • implementation and monitoring of road weather stations’ work and maintenance within the warranty period;
  • implementation of special purpose video surveillance (ALPR-ADR) and monitoring its works within the warranty period;
  • implementation of variable message sign (VMS) system and monitoring its works within the warranty period;
  • implementation of ITS on current infrastructure projects
  • designing and construction of regional centers for traffic management
  • construction of infrastructure and monitoring its functionality within the warranty period
  • construction of energy infrastructure for the requirements of the ITS implementation
  • monitoring the work of energy infrastructure on tunnels
  • development of terms of reference and issuing guidelines for the development of design and technical solutions;
  • participating in international projects for traffic safety improvement and improvement of traffic solutions.

Representatives of the Department are, at the same time, authorized representatives of the Enterprise during the implementation of commercial contracts on design and execution of works on state road construction and also technical support to the Investor regarding the construction of tunnel structures on the I and II category state road network.

The Department conducts its activities operationally through the following divisions:

  1. Division for Development and Implementation of Video Surveillance Systems and Traffic Management Systems
  2. Division for Development and Implementation of Road Weather Information Systems and Traffic Observation Systems

Division for Development and Implementation of ITS Communication and Energy Infrastructure