Department for Planning, Development, Investment Operations and Foreign Loans

Department for Planning, Development, Investment Operations and Foreign Loans deals at length with preparation of documentation necessary for making of investment decisions and their implementation, which are monitored throughout a year.  It prepares annual Business Program, financial plans, strategic plans concerning development of road industry, reports on investments in the road industry and reports on realization of the Business Program. It keeps records of utilization and repayment of loans provided by domestic and foreign banks, and it prepares documentation for withdrawal of fund from foreign loans.

The Business Program of the PE “Roads of Serbia” for 2017, which was approved by the Serbian Government on 15 December 2016, was amended once, and the Program on amendment to the Business Program for 2017 was passed on 4 August 2017. Quarterly reports are submitted in accordance with the Rulebook on forms for quarterly reports on realization of annual, i.e. triennial Business Programs of the public enterprises. Provisions referred to in Article 2 of the Rulebook regulate the forms as integral parts of every quarterly report. The forms which are submitted quarterly are as follows:

1)  Form 1     Income statement
2)  Form 1A   Balance sheet
3)  Form 1B   Cash flow statement
4)  Form 2     Personnel costs
5)  Form 3     Personnel dynamics
6)  Form 4     Movement of prices for products and services
7)  Form 5     Subsidies and other allocations from the budget
8)  Form 6     Special-purpose funds
9)  Form 7     Net profit
10) Form 8    Credit indebtedness
11) Form 9    Cash and cash equivalents
12) Form 10  Report on investments
13) Form 11  Gross amounts receivable of the public enterprise in respect of granted credits and loans, provided products, goods and services and prepayments and other receivables
14) Form 12  Report on degree of compliance between planned and realized activities provided for in the Business Program