Edition "Twinning publications"

This edition was initiated as one of the well-planned and accomplished objectives in the work of a team of experts on a joint three-year venture, started as a part of the Twinning Project cooperation between the PE “Roads of Serbia” and the Swedish National Road Administration - SNRA (2004 - 2007) in the fields of road maintenance, traffic security, road and bridge management and environmental protection.

“Twinning Publications” edition is dedicated to education and training of both PE “Roads of Serbia” staff and a wider circle of experts in road industry, within the scope of activities on the international projects of Technical Assistance for Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening.

The Swedish team presented the PERS with certain SNRA publications – manuals and similar documents, which have been translated and adapted for readers and current tendencies, taking especially into account the ratification of new laws, in order to implement them in the road industry sector as usefully as possible. 

PE “Roads of Serbia” and the experts from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade have been actively involved in the publication of this edition.

“Twinning publications” edition comprises the following documents: