First press conference - November 15, 2017 in Jimbolia (Romania)


Improvement of Banat Connectivity

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017. in Jimbolia (Romania) an initial conference of the project from the INTERREG-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania-Serbia was held under the title “Improvement of Banat Connectivity“. The project is conducted by Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia” as a project leader, and Kikinda town, Municipality of Žombolj and Regional agency for socio- economic development (RDA Banat) are partners on the project, gathered with the goal of contributing to better connectivity in the cross-border area, through improvement of quality standards in public transport and mobility services.

Darius Postelnica (Municipality of Žombolj), Saša Tanackov (city of Kikinda), Irena Živković (RDA Banat) and Bojana Stankovic (Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia”)  spoke at the conference about the project in front of the project partners. They pointed out that one of the main preconditions for realization of this goal is adequate infrastructure witch includes: preparing a technical documentation for the traffic infrastructure in Serbia, equipping the border crossing Nakovo (Serbia) and construction of a two-way bicycle route in the area between Kikinda and border crossing Nakovo as well as works on the streets repare along the state road in Jimbolia (Romania).

In addition to activities that improve infrastructure, the project will also establish the Office for information and promotion of cross-border economic cooperation with the aim of improving the conditions for the border crossing of people, goods and services, and overcoming the perception of the border as a barrier and promoting stronger cooperation and contacts between border regions and communities.

The realization of the project started in August of the current year and will last for 24 months, and total value of the project is 1,813,477.53 euros, while the works on equipping the border crossing Nakovo (Serbia) are further financed by the Kikinda town, in the total value of 477,731.43 euros.