Summer camp for children “Soko banja 2016“

Organized by the SO Independent Trade Union of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, children of our employees were in the summer camp in Soko Banja from 15.07. until 24.07.2016.

More than 250 children, 9 to 15 years of age, divided into four groups, enjoyed the beauties and charms of Soko Banja accompanied by numerous activities adapted to the needs of the children.

During the day, thematic walks were organized on various locations in Soko Banja and the surroundings, such as – “Walk to the foot of Soko grad” or “Walk to the centre of Soko grad for an icecream” and to “Viewpoint for pancakes”. Visit to the aqua park was especially attractive, for which each child had two entrance tickets paid.

Sports games were a part of obligatory program on the camp for children Soko Banja 2016. Competitions in volleyball, football and basketball were held as well as in relay and traditional games such as tug of war, throwing stones from the shoulder and long jump. Older children competed in a special evening volleyball, football and basketball tournament. In the evenings, children went to the disco where competitions took place for “Crazy hair” (the prettiest crazy hairdo), fancy-dress ball, karaoke and talent show program “Show what you know”.

Gathering around the camp fire was particularly striking.