Department for Internal Control of Tolling Supervision and Automatic Data Processing

Department for Internal Control of Tolling Supervision and Automatic Data Processing continuously implements the check of the working procedures and activities of the Department for Tolling Supervision in the Sector for Toll Collection and the Department for Data Processing in the Sector for Traffic Management Information Systems, provides professional assistance for starting the initiatives for eliminating the noticed omissions and irregularities in work, prepares recommendations for improving the work procedures based on the findings of the executed routine and extraordinary checks proposes measures for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of work, better use of work assets, higher commitment of the staff, better organization and other affairs as instructed by the director.

Employees in the Department perform complex managerial and supervising activities by direct insight into the process of performing the supervision of toll collection and processing of the data from toll collection, as well as the analysis of information and documentation material from toll collection and in their work they abide by the principle of objectiveness during control, continuity of the control, non-disturbance of the work of the controlled organizational units and responsibility by applying the available equipment which enables faster control procedure and higher reliability of the obtained results.

Activities of the Department for Internal Control performed during a business year are defined in annual work plan and include the following: regular checks and preparation of reports on the performed control and reviewing of activities pursuant to the findings of internal control according to previous reports, outstanding checks as instructed by the management, cooperation with other organizational units and third parties, work on general and internal enactments of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, training and participation on instructive and informational seminars and all other affairs as requested by the director or executive directors of the Sector for Toll Collection and Sector for Traffic Management Information Systems.


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