05.12.2023 Information on closure of motorway Е761: Pojate – Preljina (“Morava Corridor''), i.e. IA category state road no. 5, on segment from junction “Ćićevac“ to roundabout “Koševi“

We inform you that due to the opening of Subsection 3: Makrešane – Kruševac (Koševi) of the motorway Е761: Pojate-Preljina (“Morava Corridor“), planned for Thursday, 7 December 2023 at 15:00, it is necessary to perform the closure of the subject motorway on the segment from the junction “Ćićevac“ to the roundabout “Koševi“. The closure is required due to the execution of the finishing works on Subsection 3: Makrešane – Kruševac (Koševi), and for the purpose of safe traffic flow. The closure will occur from 6 December at 00:00 to the release of Subsection 3 to traffic.


During the closure of the mentioned segment of the motorway, the closure will be rerouted to the alternative road network, and it will move bi-directionally on the following route: 


  • Junction “Pojate“ → via motorway Е761 (''Morava Corridor'') → exit at junction “Ćićevac“ → Ćićevac (intersection of state roads IIА 190 and IIА 215) → roundabout Makrešane → via IIА category state road no.215 → Bivolje (intersection of state roads IIА 215 and IB 38) → via city of Kruševac street network (streets Balkanska, Jug Bogdana and Cara Lazara) → roundabout “Koševi“ (intersection of state roads IB 23 and IIА 207) → further towards destination Kraljevo.


On the subject route, in all characteristic locations, adequate road signage for directing transit traffic has been foreseen. For the direction from Pojate to Kraljevo, destinations “Kraljevo“ and “Čačak“ have been adopted, and in the direction from Kraljevo to Pojate, destinations “Belgrade“ and “Niš“.  


In order to conduct the planned traffic modification as efficiently as possible, the presence of traffic police patrols has been foreseen along the alternative route, which will be helpful to all traffic participants by providing necessary information, and by regulating traffic flow in all critical locations if necessary. 


After the opening of Subsection 3: Makrešane – Kruševac (Koševi), a closed toll collection system will be established on the segment of the motorway from Pojate to Kruševac (Koševi).


Toll stations “Ćićevac“, “Kruševac West“ and “Koševi“ will be operational, while the toll station “Pojate“ will be out of use (it will only be passed through).


Entry and exit from the motorway at the junction “Kruševac - East“ will not be possible until further notice. The reason for this is the construction of the “East Kruševac Bypass”, which is in progress.


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