Department for Extrajudicial Procedure

Department for Extrajudicial Procedure represents PE “Roads of Serbia” in court end before competent authorities and meets requirements of the authorities, organizations and individuals related to the Department`s scope of work. It prepares filing of criminal charges and requirements for initiation of infringement procedures, responds to complaints and submissions, proceeds court cases, presses criminal charges and keeps necessary records.

Department for Normative and Statutory Affairs

The Department for Normative and Status Affairs performs professional and analytical work. It evaluates the validity of the general acts of the company and other documents. Represents the company before courts and competent authorities. Monitors and controls the implementation of regulations from the scope of its work, keeps the necessary records.

Department for Common Affairs

The Department for Common Affairs monitors regulations on office operation. It prepares official documents and letters and, as an entity that deals with all kinds of proceedings, it prepares suggestions for general and individual enactments for their application, and at the same time it takes care of application of general and individual enactments related to technical documentation. Employees also monitor application of programs for recording in registry office and archive, register technical documentation in the special program and take care of updating of record keeping of received/issued documents, as well as formal correctness of received and recorded technical documentation. The Department performs reconstruction (i.e. detection of archived sample) of technical documentation, if necessary, and it takes care of opportune return of issued copies, looks after correct program application, suggests eventual changes and amendments and performs activities related to translating and foreign language correspondence for the Enterprise`s necessities.

  1. Clerk’s Office
  2. Department of Archives

Expropriation for the reasons of motorway and fast roads construction in the Republic of Serbia

Sector for Legal, Staff and Common Affairs of the PE “Roads of Serbia” has, in the period from September 2008 until today, completed the procedures of expropriation which enabled the construction of the motorways and fast roads in the length of 600 km in total.

Sections with the completed expropriation:

Corridor 10

Motorway E-75  ( Grabovnica – border with the Republic of North Macedonia – 97.4km )
1.  Grabovnica – Grdelica – 7.9km
2.  Grdelica – Caričina Dolina – 12km
3.  Caričina Dolina – Vladičin Han – 14.3km
4.  Vladičin Han – Donji Neradovac – 26.2km
5.  Donji Neradovac – Srpska Kuća – 6km
6.  Srpska Kuća – Levosoje – 10km
7.  Levosoje – Bukarevac  - 10.3km
8.  Bukarevac – border with the Republic of North Macedonia – 10.7km

Motorway E-80 ( Niš – border with the Republic of Bulgaria –108.1km )
1.  Prosek – Crvena Reka – 22.5km
2.  Crvena Reka – Čiflik – 12.6km
3.  Čiflik – Staničenje – 12.2km
4.  Staničenje – Pirot East – 14km
5.  Pirot East – Sukovo – 7km
6.  Sukovo – Dimitrovgrad – 8.8km
7.  Dimitrovgrad bypass – border with the Republi of Bulgaria – 8.7km
8.  Parallel (non-commercial) road from Bela Palanka to Pirot – 22.3km

Motorway E- 75, Belgrade bypass – border with the Republic of Hungary
1.  Belgrade bypass, Batajnica – Dobanovci – 10.5km
2.  Belgrade bypass, Sector 5 – 5.5km
3.  Kelebija – Subotica (Y branch) – 24km
4.  Novi Sad bypass – 12km
5.  Horgoš – Novi Sad ( expropriation on the territories of Novi Sad, Mali Iđoš, Vrbas, Subotica and Kanjiža from km 0 to km 108 is yet to be completed) 
6.  Interchanges between Novi Sad and Belgrade  ( Stara Pazova, Inđija, Kovilj, Beška and Maradik )

Motorway "Miloš Veliki"
– 120km

1.  Novi Beograd – Surčin - 8km
2.  Surčin – Obrenovac - 17,6km
3.  Obrenovac – Ub - 24km
4.  Ub – Lajkovac  - 12,5km
5.  Lajkovac – Ljig - 26km
6.  Preljina – Požega - 32km

Other sections:

1.  Valjevo – Lajkovac - 18km
2.  Kuzmin – Sremska Rača - 18km
3.  Ruma – Novi Sad - 18km
4.  Novi Pazar – Tutin - 18km
5.  Šabac – Loznica - 55km
6.  Bogatić – granica sa BiH - 8km
7.  Niš – Merdare - 78km
8.  Gornji Milanovac – Takovo - 5km
9.  Lapovo – Batočina - 5km
     Ukupno: 223km

The procedure of expropriation is carried out exclusively in authorized offices of property and legal affairs in municipalities and cities through which the future motorway will pass. PE “Roads of Serbia”, as the beneficiary of expropriation, begins the procedure by submitting the proposal for expropriation.

The administrative body of the municipality informs the parties on the commencement of the expropriation procedure and brings decisions on expropriation. As soon as the decision on expropriation becomes valid, the PE “Roads of Serbia” is in obligation to submit a written offer concerning the method of payment and the amount of compensation for the expropriated property.

The tax administration office determines the amount of compensation for the land, while experts of relevant profession determine the amount of compensation for plants and structures. The agreement on compensation is signed before the competent municipal court.


Executive director
Goran Tomić, LL.B.

**Note: Information on the dynamics of expropriation for the reasons of motorway construction in the Republic of Serbia was published on 25.11.2021 and shall be valid until new information is published. 

Department for Geodesy

The Department for Geodesy organizes cooperation with state authorities and other legal entities, participates in drafting of plans, programs and reports associated with geodesy, participates in activities related to land acquisition procedures, checks out validity of plan copy, title deeds and certificates of title, geodetic survey map in accordance with the regulations, location definition in compliance with road chainages and state coordinate system, it participates in surveying and measurement of land area and commercial structures that are occupied and constructed, i.e. planned for construction near state roads, collaborates in verification procedure of recorded utilization of state roads managed by the Enterprise, and at the same time it cooperates with the Republic Geodetic Authority. The Department has responsibility to represent the Public Enterprise in the establishment of real estate cadastre, to coordinate and take part in drafting of terms of reference, project realization, activities related to road preservation; it monitors execution of geodetic works and performs other activities within geodesy.