Waste management plan for PE “Roads of Serbia” facilities

II stage 

Within II stage of the development of the project “Waste Management Plan for PE “Roads of Serbia” Facilities with Cost Benefit Analysis”, on 22nd and 23rd August 2019 measuring devices with waste collection containers and an explanation on the type of collected waste were installed on three locations.

The data on the change of the weight of the generated waste is collected from the measuring devices monitored online.

The measuring devices with the waste collection containers were installed on the following locations:


  1. The supervision centre “Gazela”, Belgrade

  2. Toll station “Šimanovci”

  3. Toll station “Beograd”

 The forthcoming activities are:
- monitoring the change in the waste quantity in the process of container filling,
- sorting out and measuring the quantities of the generated waste by the type
- analysis of the collected data