Vision and Mission

Vision of the PE “Roads of Serbia”

„Our vision is to be prominent and successful enterprise
for management and development of state roads
in accordance with expectations
of all interested parties.“

Mission of the PE „Roads of Serbia“

„Our mission is to ensure disposable,
safe and comfortable travel conditions to users of state roads,
to create infrastructural development base for the whole society,
to provide our partners with the long-term business activities with the possibility to develop,
to take care of environmental protection
and to fulfil employees` expectations.”

Values of the PE „Roads of Serbia“

PE “Roads of Serbia” fosters the following values:

  1. Regularity in business activities and service performances
  2. Competence, professionalism and ethics
  3. Responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Transparency and communicativeness
  5. Encouragement of innovativeness
  6. Creation of the climate of belonging to the enterprise
  7. Learning from the world`s best practice
  8. Efficient and rational planning
  9. Decision making based on analysing objective facts
  10. Responsibility towards living and working environment
  11. Socially responsible business operations