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Internal Audit Department

Internal audit is an independent and objective evaluation and consulting activity designed to improve the operations of individual organizational parts of the Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia.  Internal audit helps the user of public funds to achieve their goals through a systematic, disciplined approach in assessing and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and organization management.

The mission of the internal audit of the Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia is to improve and protect organizational values by providing risk-based objective assurance, advice and a view of business activities.                                               

The vision of the internal audit of the Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia is to strive for the constant improvement of audit practice and the achievement of the highest professional standards.

The internal audit of the Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia is carried out in accordance with the regulations governing internal audit in the public sector of the Republic of Serbia and the International Standards covering professional practice of the internal audit.

In accordance with the International Standards of the professional practice of the internal audit the acts that prescribe the work methods, scope, authorizations and responsibilities of the auditor in the process of performing the internal audit have been adopted, and these are: the Internal Audit Charter, the Internal Audit Code of Ethics, the Strategic Plan of the Internal Audit and the Annual Internal Audit Work Plan.

Department for Public Relations

Department for Public Relations, as an organizational unit within the Main Office, performs professional and operational tasks relating to the strategic appearance of the PE „Roads of Serbia“ in public.

Continuous communication with the media, road users, professional domestic and foreign institutions and companies, partners, associates, colleagues and other stakeholders have been the tasks of the Department for Public Relations for fifteen years now.

Our commission is to professionally, competently, conscientiously and responsibly inform the public with mutual respect and preservation of values and reputation of the Enterprise. The principles we are guided by in our performance are accuracy, veracity, clarity, precision and speed.

The Department for Public Relations aligns its performances and activities with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia, and it defines its working plan for achievement of goals in accordance with the approved and adopted Business Plan of the PE „Roads of Serbia“ for the current year.

Honored media representatives,

In order to achieve a faster and a more efficient cooperation with the media houses, the PE “Roads of Serbia” introduced an online procedure for obtaining licenses for recording roads, road structures, toll stations and sites under the jurisdiction of the enterprise.

You can download the form of the Request for recording/reporting by clicking the image below.

The form of the Request for recording/reporting should be filled in and sent to the Department for Public Relations not later than one day before the required recording term at 03.00 PM (requests for recording/reporting on a Saturday or Sunday should be submitted not later than the preceding Friday at 03.00 PM), to the following:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recording/reporting from the required location is possible only after a written approval by the Acting Director of the PE “Roads of Serbia” is obtained.

The Department for Public Relations communicates and cooperates with all media and journalists, city services, natural and legal persons on a daily basis.

The Department for Public Relations timely disseminates positive information and successfully performs professional - operative tasks related to the Company's strategic performance, and through constant communication with media representatives comprehensively and transparently informs the public.

News, announcements, public notices, public appeals and important information about projects are distributed to the public through the media. In cooperation with competent colleagues, the Department prepares responses to user requests and initiates their resolution and organizes media conferences, statements, interviews of competent colleagues, media photography, reports and recordings.

We act in a timely and proactive manner - in accordance with the media plan, we publish accurate and truthful information about successfully implemented, ongoing and planned projects, current works, the condition of roads and other activities of PE "Roads of Serbia", novelties and services, we draw the public's attention to responsible and safe behavior in traffic. In crisis situations, we react quickly and efficiently with announcements and organized statements for the media.

We also organize professional gatherings - presentations and seminars concerning new technologies, products, equipment and achievements in the road industry for the purpose of informing the community of experts. The Department, in cooperation with the authorized sectors, participates also in the representation of the Enterprise on fairs, manifestations, exhibitions…

The department monitors user satisfaction by analyzing media and social media posts that mention PE "Roads of Serbia" and acting director Zoran Drobnjak, through the records of letters of thanks it receives via e-mail and by analyzing the results of the survey with questions from the scope of the Company's work, which the Department conducts on the Company's website.

Effective communication balance with more than 200 media, news agencies, print and broadcast media and radio stations, internet portals, and production companies counts for more than 2000 answered questions, 38 interviews, and 155 announcements, 166 organized construction site filming, statements given by colleagues in charge, reports and 39 media conferences resulting in 17.928 press releases about our Enterprise in the course of one calendar year, out of which 94,9% has been positively exposed.

At an annual level, around 70 percent of the total amount of published/released footage on the PE “Roads of Serbia” is the result of direct and proactive PR activities. The influence and the importance of the Department for Public Relations activities are reflected in a significantly increased number of media releases annually, especially the number of positively exposed texts and reports.

The Department for Public Relations cooperates on daily basis with all sectors of the Enterprise, and we have raised communication with colleagues in charge to the highest level. We inform every employee in a timely, continuous and high-quality manner on the activities of the Enterprise, realized projects, ongoing and scheduled works, novelties and services.

We timely inform the management on all aspects of our work which influence the media exposure of the Enterprise in public through regular submissions of important press clippings resulting from activities of our Department, as well as through regular announcements and reports regarding all our activities.

The Department for Public Relations, through everyday communication with every organizational unit of the Enterprise, impels improvement of internal PR, and initiates timely delivery of new and updated information. Continuous and timely exchange of information with colleagues in charge is a precondition for quick and efficient performance, a successful appearance of the Enterprise in public and the planning of activities significant for the reputation of the Enterprise.

PE "Roads of Serbia", as a socially responsible company, carries out numerous activities related to the improvement of traffic safety. Striving to act systematically to raise the level of awareness of road users, the Public Relations Department from the year 2020 continuously implements educational campaigns aimed at raising driver awareness and increasing traffic safety.



With the educational campaign  „Do not block the emergency lane, do not stop life“, PE "Roads of Serbia" wants to influence the improper behavior of road users when using the emergency lane, and with the aim of educating road users about the correct use of the emergency lane, exclusively for stopping vehicles due to malfunctions or sudden inability of the driver to control the vehicle, as well as to indicate the risk and consequences of unsafe stopping in the emergency lane.


If it happens that the vehicle has to stop in the emergency lane due to a malfunction of the vehicle or the sudden inability of the driver to drive the vehicle, the driver is obliged to:

  • Turn on all direction indicators;
  • Wear a reflective vest;
  • Mark the vehicle with a safety triangle at a distance of at least 100 m;
  • From a safe place, take all necessary measures to remove the vehicle from the road as soon as possible


With the educational campaign „Do not destroy a traffic sign - traffic sign means life“, PE "Roads of Serbia" wants to point out the impact of damaged, stolen traffic signage and equipment on traffic safety and appeals to all those who destroy, steal or otherwise damage traffic signage not to do so, because this way traffic accidents can be prevented.


The value of stolen and damaged traffic signage and road equipment in the Republic of Serbia is 1,000,000 euros per year.

For that value we could do:

  • 40 school zones or;
  • 15 traffic lighted intersections or;
  • rehabilitation of 8 km of a two-lane road

The PE Road of Serbia has continued to implement activities relating to traffic safety improvement and systematically influences the raising of awareness of traffic participants through two campaigns: “Do not dive in emergency lane, do not stop life” and “Traffic Sign Means Life”.

With the premiere screening of the videos in attendance of the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Tomislav Momirović, Chief of Traffic Police Administration, Mr. Slaviša Lakićević, Acting Director, Mr. Zoran Drobnjak, Director of the company Koridori Srbije, Mr. Aleksandar Antić, associates, traffic safety experts, and creative teams, at the presentation organized at the hotel Metropol in Belgrade, on May 13, 2022, two new educational campaigns of the Public Company "Roads of Serbia" officially started. Two campaigns are created to increase the safety of drivers and warn the other traffic participants of the danger of driving in the emergency lane on the motorway and the dangers caused by destroyed or stolen traffic signage.


The educational campaign “Do not Drive in Emergency Lane, Do not Stop Life”, conducted by PE “Roads of Serbia”, is aimed at influencing the  drivers’  behavior on the  motorways and raising awareness of the significance and use  of emergency lanes.

The  campaign is conducted to  influence the  behavior of drivers unlawfully using the  emergency lane  on the  motorway and its aim is to change their behavior in order to free the emer- gency lane for vehicles with rotating lights.  The campaign fea- tures the actor Miloš Timotijević.


Did you know?

  • More than 500 people are killed in road accidents in the Republic of Serbia every year;
  • Serbia has had more than 120 casualties in motorway accidents in the last three years;
  • More than 20 lives have  been lost in the emergency lanes on the motorways for the last  five years


The  educational campaign “Traffic Sign Means Life”, con- ducted by PE “Roads of Serbia”, is aimed at indicating the impact of damaged and  stolen traffic signage and  equipment on road  safety and  also  appeals to all those who destroy, steal or damage the  traffic signage in any other way not  to do that because it could  prevent road accidents.

The campaign is conducted to indicate the significance and the  role of traffic signage and  equipment and  the  possible ef- fects of destroying and  stealing them. The campaign features the  ex-coach of the  Serbian national water polo team, the  wa- ter polo player and the member of the national water  polo team, Dejan Savić.


Did you know?

  • More than 25,000 traffic signs and equipment (parts) have been damaged or stolen in the last  4 years in the Republic of Serbia;
  • The value of the stolen and damaged traffic signage and equipment in the last  5 years is over one million euros;




In course of 2020, the Department for Public Relations, together with the colleagues in charge from all sectors of the Enterprise, realized an educational campaign for raising awareness of drivers and increase of traffic safety – “3 Seconds, a Whole Life”.

The Campaign began by the premiere screening of the educational video “3 Seconds, a Whole Life”and demonstration of safe distance for all categories of vehicles at the toll station “Beograd” on March 12, 2020.


Besides highlighting the significance of keeping the safe interval between vehicles, additional aim of the Educational Campaign is raising awareness of drivers regarding responsible traffic behaviour which should contribute to mitigation of driving speed, active perception of conditions of traffic flow and non-endangerment of other drivers participating in traffic flow.

“3 Seconds, a Whole Life” is first in a row of educational campaigns, and the PE “Roads of Serbia” will continue to systematically affect raising of awareness of traffic participants in order to minimize number of traffic accidents. Thanks to knowledge and experience, experts from the PE “Roads of Serbia” with their ideas and suggestions will contribute to the same quality and uniqueness of future campaigns.

Out of the numerous events we participated in, the most prominent ones are the organization of the presentation “Road Rehabilitation and Safety Project” in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The presentation showed in detail the Project of rehabilitation of 1,100 km of Serbian road network during five years' time of the planned project duration.

We organized the First International Scientific and Professional Conference “Modern road maintenance” in 2013, we were engaged in the organization of Summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries in the Serbian capital in 2014, and the Summit of Ministers on Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Belgrade in 2015.

Thanks to long and successful cooperation with the Road Association of Serbia – “Via-vita” we acted as logistic support to the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in effective organization of 1st and 2nd Road Congress, and in preparation of the Minister in line for their appearance. For years, we have also been a part of the professional journal “Road and Traffic” in which projects of our Enterprise, along with the professional papers of our colleagues, are being presented through the photographs which we prepare.

Through active and continuous work, as well as daily communication with representatives of the Ministry, we participated in the preparation and organization of all fair activities at the 55th International Motor Show, where the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure was presented for the first time at a joint with Ministry of Internal Affairs, PE "Roads of Serbia", Road Traffic Safety Agency, Corridors of Serbia and AMAS.

We continuously keep track of the implementation of our Enterprise’s projects and organize press conferences when marking the commencement of works, visiting the infrastructure projects under construction, opening reconstructed roads, rehabilitating road structures and new roadways for traffic, marking the successfully completed projects, marking the commencement of campaigns important for traffic safety, participating in manifestations and fairs…

Our department has also, together with the line ministry, taken part in the organization of exhibitions on infrastructural projects:

  • The exhibition of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure “Nothing is Faraway Anymore” in 2019
  • The multimedia exhibition in the building of the former main railway station in Belgrade “We Continue to Make Good News” in 2018

Our most visited press conferences are certainly those attended by the country’s high officials, the Prime Minister or the President of the Republic of Serbia, ministers, as well as foreign high officials or representatives of international financial institutions.

We’re singling out some of them:

Each year in November, on the occasion of the beginning of Winter Maintenance of I and II category state roads in the Republic of Serbia, we successfully organize a presentation of the Winter Maintenance Plan for I and II category state roads. In 2020 and 2021, due to specific epidemiological situation and measure introduced to protect people’s health, the Department for Public Relations conceived specially designed media content for informing the media and public.

Through release of Announcements, Presentations and video material on internet presentation of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, we have made available and visible for public and users all the works, activities and measures we have taken to provide passability of roads and safe traffic flow in winter conditions, so that all roadways remain passable.

As part of our international activities, we cooperate with European and worldwide associations, administrations and road institutes. Our enterprise is a full member of the European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructure (ASECAP), European Road Federation (ERF) and International Road Federation (IRF).

We regularly deliver innovated data to international organization regarding road network, investments in road network and ongoing projects, and information and photographs of newly constructed motorway sections, and other performances and activities. We prepare the National Annual Report for ASECAP, which is a part of the annual National Report of the Association member states, we fill out thematic professional questionnaires about the Enterprise and perform all other activities as a part of usual operations of the Association and members.

As a result of good cooperation to date, our news and photos are always published in organizations’ newsletters and regular publications, as well as on their internet presentations.

The Department for Public Relations, within its jurisdiction, takes care of all aspects of the maintenance and optimization of the Enterprise’s Internet presentation, as one of the ways of presentation of the Enterprise and its communication with all stakeholders.

With technological innovations, regular update of the content management system and daily update of the content, we have improved the communication of the Enterprise with all stakeholders.

In 2022, there were in total 1.348.916 visits to the internet presentation of the PE Roads of Serbia, which is 8,84% more than in 2021. The total number of page views has increased by 7,5% and is 2.458.139.

In order to highlight the success of our Company in the implementation of significant infrastructure projects, to make the obvious progress in the execution of works easier to see and satisfy the public's interest, we continue to publish video materials on the Company's YouTube channel, which are also visible on the Company's website.

In total, during 2022. 1,035,681 video content views were recorded on the "YouTube" channel of PE "Roads of Serbia".

In 2022 mobile phone trend in visiting the internet presentation of the PE “Roads of Serbia” records the further growth and reaches 75%. Due to further growth trend in course of the last year, we have continued with adjustment and updating the components so that the presentation would assume design adaptable to all kinds of displays.

The Department for Public Relations also writes, edits and develops informational and educational materials, used for informing the employees, the professional community and all other interested parties.

Realizing the importance of big infrastructure projects, we have developed and organized the monitoring and recording of multimedia contents, consisting of films, video clips and photographs of on-going projects and various phases of implementation of projects on construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, remedy and other activities and actualities regarding the work, wishing to provide a comprehensive and high-quality presentation of the Enterprise to the entire public and leave to the future generations records of endeavors made while implementing some of the most significant road infrastructure projects in the Republic of Serbia.

We make around 90 video clips on average every year, as well as hundreds of photographs which we upload on the Enterprise’s website and the Youtube channel.


The Department for Public Relations makes themed films in Serbian and English, based on the information collected through cooperation with competent sectors in the Enterprise, expert supervisors and contractors and also through monitoring the execution of works in various stages of the projects: the Corporate Film, the Film on Sector for Toll Collection, the Film on Construction of Bridge no.8 over River Sava at Ostružnica on Belgrade Bypass, the Film on the Bridge over the rivers Sava and Kolubara on the New Motorway E-763, Section Surčin-Obrenovac, the construction of the Belgrade Bypass, the new bridge over the Danube at Beška, the rehabilitation of the bridge Gazela and the motorway on the thoroughfare through Belgrade.

The films were made for congresses, conferences, manifestations: Oscar for Quality, Modernization of toll stations and rehabilitation of 100 bridges, “50 years of Serbian Transport Economics”, “Republic of Serbia Road Network”, a film for 2nd Road Congress in 2016.

In 2020, the Department for Public Relations prepared scripts, created and organized the filming and the development of documentary materials on the Belgrade Bypass, the bridge over the Sava at Ostružnica, the motorway “Miloš Veliki“, and also the Corporate Film on the entire business performance of the Enterprise throughout 2020.

The Department for Public Relations in 2021 prepared scenarios, created and organized filming and production of documentary material on Activities of the Sector for Maintenance of I and II Category State Roads in course of 2021, on the Toll Station “Beograd” and bridge over rivers Sava and Kolubara on the motorway E-763, Miloš Veliki, section  Surčin-Obrenovac.

During 2022 we prepared scripts and texts and organized the filming of the following films: Construction of the E-763 highway Preljina - Pakovraće, Bridge over the Sava River on the highway route Kuzmin - Sremska Rača, Bypass around Zrenjanin, Bypass around Belgrade Sectors 4 and 5, Expansion of toll stations.


The first issue of the Newsletter was published in 2011. Since then, the Department for Public Relations has developed 33 issues of the Newsletters – the internal publication of the Enterprise, which, in a creative and interesting manner, informs not just the employees, but also business partners, users, media representatives and all interested parties on the results of the Enterprise’s business performance.

Working together has ensured successful accomplishment of the goal set by the first issue – to be informative, useful, far-reaching and effective.

Following the circumstances created by the pandemic of the virus COVID-19, last year the Department came up with, created the contents and organized the printing of the special issue of the Newsletter – “Work in Time of COVID-19“.


We have also made a bilingual brochure with relevant information and photographs, created for the purpose of representation of the PE “Roads of Serbia” in a swift and effective manner, through the competences of various sectors in the Enterprise.


The Department prepares flyers/pamphlets with certain messages and information, significant for the entire public and/or trafic participants. In order to attract the attention of users to the news, improvements, services and the significance of responsible behaviour in traffic, we develop and prepare flyers with messages. For the educational campaigns «Do not drive in emergency lane, do not stop life» and «Traffic Sign Means Life», leaflets in Serbia and English languages have been created. The flyers for the campaign “3 Seconds, Whole Life“ in Serbian, English and Turkish language vividly depict safe distance between vehicles, per vehicle category, with important statistical data and the message “Keep a safe distance, save lives“. For the Festival of Love in Vrnjačka Banja, “Lovefest“, an occasion to appeal to the youth and stress the importance of observing traffic rules, our Department prepared picturesque flyers with the slogan “Somebody loves carefully“. In cooperation with the Sector for Toll Collection, we put the messages for the users on the gantries along the motorways as well.

During the implementation of large infrastructure projects, which demanded long-term traffic regime modifications, we made flyers on traffic regulation, so that users could travel in the work zones on roads more easily and quickly.

As a recognizable token of care for everyday business communication and promotions of the Enterprise, we created branded corporate material, numerous representative products, we conceived preliminary solutions and organized the production of personal organizers, planner notebooks, business cards, roll-up banner stands, posters, key chains, eco-bags, card holders, USB sticks...

Every year, we decorate desk calendars and New Year greeting cards with the prize-winning drawings of employees’ children who participate in the traditional art competition.

The Department for Public Relations designs, performs pre-press work and organizes development of promotional material, art and graphic solutions for arrangement of space for public displays of the Enterprise – events, conferences, fairs, congresses, seminars and other manifestations where the PE “Roads of Serbia” is represented.

Department for Public Relations is a part of socially responsible activities, such as regular voluntary blood donations, marking of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, participation in the campaign “Bottle Cap for Handicap”…We also supported the First International Relay for Life 2019.

In 2020, due to the pandemic of virus COVID-19, in cooperation with competent colleagues, we organized the setting up of messages on the gantries on the motorways, containing advice for preservation of people’s health and we also prepared informational materials for traffic participants containing useful updates during travel in time of COVID.

We have also contributed, with our work, to the winning of the most prestigious award for the PE “Roads of Serbia” – “Business Excellence Champion“, the highest award at the competition for the National Business Excellence Award – “Oscar for Quality 2020“.

Thanks to good organization, following trends and new tendencies in business communication and technology, improvement and modernization of work processes through high-quality ideas, quick and innovative solutions, while respecting traditional and reliable principles, we are always informative, useful, far-reaching and interesting!

High goals, joint proactive, high-quality and dedicated work with true commitment to duty is a definite path towards the achievement of excellent results!

Department for Internal Control of Tolling Supervision and Automatic Data Processing

Department for Internal Control of Tolling Supervision and Automatic Data Processing continuously implements the check of the working procedures and activities of the Department for Tolling Supervision in the Sector for Toll Collection and the Department for Data Processing in the Sector for Traffic Management Information Systems, provides professional assistance for starting the initiatives for eliminating the noticed omissions and irregularities in work, prepares recommendations for improving the work procedures based on the findings of the executed routine and extraordinary checks proposes measures for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of work, better use of work assets, higher commitment of the staff, better organization and other affairs as instructed by the director.

Employees in the Department perform complex managerial and supervising activities by direct insight into the process of performing the supervision of toll collection and processing of the data from toll collection, as well as the analysis of information and documentation material from toll collection and in their work they abide by the principle of objectiveness during control, continuity of the control, non-disturbance of the work of the controlled organizational units and responsibility by applying the available equipment which enables faster control procedure and higher reliability of the obtained results.

Activities of the Department for Internal Control performed during a business year are defined in annual work plan and include the following: regular checks and preparation of reports on the performed control and reviewing of activities pursuant to the findings of internal control according to previous reports, outstanding checks as instructed by the management, cooperation with other organizational units and third parties, work on general and internal enactments of the PE “Roads of Serbia”, training and participation on instructive and informational seminars and all other affairs as requested by the director or executive directors of the Sector for Toll Collection and Sector for Traffic Management Information Systems.


Phone: 011/7158 813 and 011/7158 823
Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director Head Office

In the Director Head Office business activities such as management, revision, public relations, supervision control, administrative, technical and other executive activities related to business operations and management of affairs of a business enterprise are performed.

Departments directly responsible for their activities to the Director of the Enterprise are the following:

  1. Internal Audit Department
  2. Department for Internal Control of Tolling Supervision and Automatic Data Processing
  3. Department for Public Relations